In Photos: Supercars by the Sea (Where Not Everything Is a Supercar)

Also known as SXS, this car meet will blow your mind.
Supercars by the Sea—a.k.a. SXS—is a recurring car meet that takes place in Huntington Beach, a California surfing hot spot and home of the Vans U.S. Open. This beachfront meetup is centered around enthusiasts that own supercars, however you don’t necessarily need to drive a Lamborghini, McLaren, or Ferrari to participate. All cars are welcome… Continue reading

Supercars by the Sea February 2018 Recap

Supercars by the Sea is a new recurring meet of supercars enthusiasts at the Huntington State Beach […]. It has been developed with the input from of the City of Huntington Beach and the willingness of the state to allow growth in its 1,000+ space parking lot off the PCH. In only their second event, they nearly doubled their attendance… Continue reading

The shift to Supercar Sundays

Supercars by the Sea was put together by enthusiast David Kuzmiak and is held on a massive State Park parking lot large enough to allow growth thanks to over a thousand parking slots next to Huntington’s sandy beach. Because it’s a State Park, new permits have to be issued every month for every event and parking is $15 but that certainly hasn’t held back enthusiasts. In less than a year they have gathered eight sponsors and with the help of co-organizer Alan Niedzwiecki, co-founder and former Board Member of Fisker Automotive, they hope to attract major sponsors such as Rolex. This weekend’s theme was “Gas Slayers versus Gas Savers” with the AMG Club providing the gas slayers and the Tesla Club providing the gas savers…. Continue reading

The Station Wagon Edition of Supercars by the Sea Car Show

We attended Supercars by the Sea (SXS) #20 in Huntington Beach, California and unlike the usual suspects (McLarens, Ferraris, and Lamborghinis), this time around the theme called for all station wagons to strut their wheels. Although the SXS recurring car meet brought together a solid flock of wagons that included Volvo, BMW, and Dodge, it was Mercedes-Benz that covered most of the lot… Continue reading

Surf City USA – Supercars by the Sea

Supercars by the Sea (SXS) is the monthly “Cars & Coffee” for supercar enthusiasts set at on a beach in Huntington Beach, California. This event is held once a month on a Sunday with the permission of the California Department of Parks and Recreation and is fully insured… Continue reading

AMG® Thousand Oaks at Supercars by the Sea

Southern California is the epicenter of car culture and enthusiasm in the United States. Car enthusiasts, manufacturers, and automotive media all flock to the LA region to take advantage of the resources this area provides. From the incredible weather to the dynamic and challenging roads, SoCal is the place to be for car people. Naturally, given this attractiveness, there are a few well-known enthusiast gatherings that have stood the test of time […] and Supercars by the Sea – a new event in Huntington Beach – seeks to join those ranks.… Continue reading

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