In Photos: Supercars by the Sea (Where Not Everything Is a Supercar)

Also known as SXS, this car meet will blow your mind.
Supercars by the Sea—a.k.a. SXS—is a recurring car meet that takes place in Huntington Beach, a California surfing hot spot and home of the Vans U.S. Open. This beachfront meetup is centered around enthusiasts that own supercars, however you don’t necessarily need to drive a Lamborghini, McLaren, or Ferrari to participate. All cars are welcome… Continue reading

Supercars by the Sea February 2018 Recap

Supercars by the Sea is a new recurring meet of supercars enthusiasts at the Huntington State Beach […]. It has been developed with the input from of the City of Huntington Beach and the willingness of the state to allow growth in its 1,000+ space parking lot off the PCH. In only their second event, they nearly doubled their attendance… Continue reading

January 2019 - SXS #13 + Cars & Cameras